Graduate research on coral-reefs.

Lamond Robert E 3rel1 at
Wed Dec 13 16:38:10 EST 1995

	Hello. I am a fourth year undergraduate student, searching for  
a potential university to study and conduct graduate level reasearch on  
Modern Coral Reefs. I will be graduating with a BscH in Geology from 
Queen's University, Canada this April. I have been specializing in carbonate  
sedimentology and invertebrate paleontology at Queen's and I am searching  
for a graduate program on reef geology/ biology. 
	If anyone has knowledge of such a program, or has an address I  
might contact for more information, please e-mail me at  
3rel1 at The nationality of the university is not as  
important as the proximity to the reefs!  

			Thank you for your time, 
					Bob Lamond	 

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