Coral spawning - Solomon Islands

Bruce Carlson carlson at
Sun Dec 24 21:03:57 EST 1995

Solomon Islands:  New Georgia group, Minjanga Is., December 11, 1995, ca.  
1830 hrs ("twilight").  Various mussid corals (Acanthastrea, Lobophyllia,  
and Symphyllia) were observed spawning.  Aggregations of fishes feeding  
on the eggs indicated the location of spawning colonies. Large  
Plectorhinchus ("sweetlips") sucked up the spawn as quickly as it was  

One large anemone, Stichodactyla mertensii, also spawned at the same  
time.  Video tape of the spawning was taken for the record.  

On the following evening at the same time at Matiu Island, more  
agariciid corals spawned.  No acroporids or other groups of corals  
spawned on either night despite observations which continued until about  
2100 hours. 

Bruce Carlson 
Waikiki Aquarium 
University of Hawaii 

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