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I have just received word that the EPA (Region 9) has changed its mind yet 
again about the addition of more injection wells in West Maui.  This area 
of ocean has undergone dramatic decline since 1989 when it experienced its 
first of several algae blooms.  

I will once again give videotaped testimony against granting a permit for 
these wells.  In preparation for this it would be very helpful to know of 
other sites where injection wells or sewage effluent has resulted in 
eutrophication.  I would be especially interested in any areas where 
Cladophora was the main algae nuisance.  

I also believe that eutrophication may be a factor in fibropapillomas, a 
disease of green sea turtles.  That is why I am presently frantic to stop 
these injection wells.  The sewage treatment plant in the area dumps the 
waste directly into the ground.  It is within 500 metres of the ocean and 
they pretend it doesn't go into the ocean.  

Yet all indications are that many of the corals have died, the area 
experiences annual algae blooms and 75% of the turtles seen are diseased.  
90% of turtles resident to the area are sick.  

If this has piqued anyone's curiosity, more information about this area 
and its special environmental problems can be accessed directly at 

Any help would be appreciated.  

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