Pink Porites

acohen at acohen at
Fri Apr 5 13:19:32 EST 1996

          Dear All 
          I am making various geochemical measurements on Porites 
          colonies from Johnston Atoll, NC Pacific. On sectioning 
          several colonies from one of my lagoonal sites, I noticed a 
          bright pink line, the contours of which follow the growth 
          bands. In all colonies, it is situated about 1.5 cm from the 
          surface, below the green endolithic algae. I have never seen 
          this before and it seems restricted to one particular 
          site on Johnston Atoll.  Neither samples from the reef edge 
          nor any other lagoonal localities nor any other genera I've 
          sectioned show this. Could it be a red algae ? Does anybody 
          have any suggestions ? 
          much appreciated Anne 
          (acohen at 

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