Pink Porites

Ken Webb webb at
Fri Apr 5 14:07:45 EST 1996

I'd guess someone like Bob Buddemeier  
(bob_buddemeier at stained them to measure the growth  
rates at some future time. 
Ken Webb 

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996 acohen at wrote: 

>           Dear All 
>           I am making various geochemical measurements on Porites 
>           colonies from Johnston Atoll, NC Pacific. On sectioning 
>           several colonies from one of my lagoonal sites, I noticed a 
>           bright pink line, the contours of which follow the growth 
>           bands. In all colonies, it is situated about 1.5 cm from the 
>           surface, below the green endolithic algae. I have never seen 
>           this before and it seems restricted to one particular 
>           site on Johnston Atoll.  Neither samples from the reef edge 
>           nor any other lagoonal localities nor any other genera I've 
>           sectioned show this. Could it be a red algae ? Does anybody 
>           have any suggestions ? 
>           much appreciated Anne 
>           (acohen at 

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