Pink Porites

Ilsa Kuffner IKUFFNER at
Sat Apr 6 02:06:53 EST 1996

Regarding pink Porites, 
  Here in Hawaii we have a parasite that infects Porites compressa in  
the form of bright pink "coral zits."  I don't know if this is  
related to pink bands, for I've never seen any when sectioning  
branches, but I don't believe I've checked an infected coral.  The  
parasite is a trematode with a complicated life cycle involving  
several intermediate hosts including a gastropod. See papers by Greta  
Aeby.  Anyway, the fact that the color is suspiciously the same and  
that it is so localized (infection here in Kaneohe Bay is extremely  
patchy)  makes me suspect that it could be what you're seeing. 

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