pink porites

pecheux at pecheux at
Sun Apr 7 19:13:23 EDT 1996

I don't know if it may be the same 
phenomenon but I observed in Acropora 
crevicornis in Mauritius, 1989 
after bleaching event, that where 
algae have infested the coral, latter 
enclosed by calcification of recovery, 
(sometime with H2S smelling !), that 
the skeletton keep a rose-red color, 
not eliminated by organic washing. 
In few cases also a blue pale color was 
observed, of the skelletton, not tissue. 
Might it be that an immune reaction prov 
oke this ? 
After bleaching ? What time do this  
band correspond to for season ? 
It will be the first record of bleaching 
in coral band. 

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