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Mon Apr 8 21:01:13 EDT 1996

Hi Paul, 
I look forward to seeing your reef page.  Ocean Voice is a Canadian NGO which  
has been working for coral reef conservation for 10 years now. 

If you don't have a hot-link to our home page, we would appreciate it. See 

And get your university to subscribe to Sea Wind, our quarterly bulletin.  The  
latest special 72-page issue is on Status of the World Ocean and Its  
Biodiversity.  Back issues are only $15 per year.  And they might want to have  
our 126 page educational manual, Save Our Coral Reefs, $20 + postage. 


Don E. McAllister             /& Canadian Centre for Biodiversity 
Ocean Voice International          /Canadian Museum of Nature 
Box 37026, 3332 McCarthy Rd. /Box 3443, Station D 
Ottawa, ON K1V 0W0, Canada    /Ottawa, ON K1P 6P4 
E-mail: mcall at   (or: ah194 at 
Tel: (613) 264-8986, Fax: (613) 264-9204 

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