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Hi there, 

I have just completed a Web search engine sweep on the word 
"eutrophication" and found the following place names. 

Jakarta Bay, Indonesia                    Saquarema, Brazil 
Cancun, Mexico                            Barclay's Park, Barbados 
Moreton Bay, Australia                    Peel-Harvey, Australia 

In addition, I hit on these areas from Florida: 

Hillsborough Bay (an "impacted subdivision of Tampa Bay) 
Palm Beach and Broward counties "widespread" algae blooms 
Florida Bay    concerns re. blooms and or eutrophication 
Sarasota Bay                    " 
Florida Keys                    " 
Indian River                    " 

When reading these Web coastal information/reports one thing stands out 
-- that human population has increased greatly along the world's coastal 
areas since the late 60's. Following right along (I quickly discovered) 
were more and more scientific papers and references to such things as 
run off, sewage,  eutrophication, algae blooms, sea grass dieoffs etc. 

[By the way, I am not suggesting here that increased human population 
along coastal areas causes/generates scientific papers but I *did* find 
the link an amusing and true one.] 

What I found significant are the numerous reports by researchers 
expressing concern over the increased nutrient loading along coasts and 
related eutrophication/environmental degradation over the last two 

Below are regions with environmental/eutrophication concerns but I can't 
find any detailed environmental information on them.  My main interest is 
the prevalence of a marine turtle disease called fibropapillomas in these 
areas.  But I would also like to know about the conditions underwater in 
these areas. See, I figured coral people when studying corals might notice 
lumpy turtles in the same way that when I study lumpy turtles I notice dead 

So.  What follows are areas I need information on.  I would like to know the 
prevalence of fibropapillomas in these areas AND any details of known 
environmental insults to the ocean near these places. 

Jakarta Bay, Indonesia                    Saquarema, Brazil 
Cancun, Mexico                            Peel-Harvey, Australia 

                         and in Florida, 

Hillsborough Bay (an "impacted subdivision of Tampa Bay) 
Palm Beach and Broward counties "widespread" algae blooms 
Sarasota Bay                    " 

My success asking other divers has been minimal.  I attribute this to 
the fact that most recreational divers won't dive in the kind of water I 
need reports on. I am hoping someone in this list could help. 

I am particulary interested in any info on the four non-US sites. 

If you have any information, please don't hesitate to send it this way, 
no matter how unimportant you might think it is. 

While I am on here, two other things: 

I have been told that the south and west coasts of Barbados have experienced 
considerable coral kills and seaweed blight.  I would be interested in the 
place name of the worst area.  Then my task will be to find the prevalence 
of GTFP there.... unless, of course, I hit paydirt and someone can provide 
me with both pieces to the puzzle...   :-) 

Finally, and still related, if anyone is aware of coral kills resulting from 
Cladophora blooms, I would be interested in that too. 

Thanks for your time and regards 

                      ^                  Ursula Keuper-Bennett 
                     0 0                 Mississauga, Ontario 
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