Beliza GEF Project

William Moreno Caycedo wm1 at
Mon Apr 15 12:02:25 EDT 1996

Dear all 

Does anybody out there knows what is actually  
happen with the CCC e-mail (if anything is wrong  
with it) in Belize Jgibson at  I been trying to  
contact Janet Gibson (The National Project Adviser)  
for the pass three weeks and I haven't had any  
reply.  Also I been triying to phone them but the CCC  
office in London don't seem to have the right  
telephone number (they claim that 44552 is the right  
number, but I think in Belize they have  six diget  

Can anyone out there help me?  I promise that I  
would dedicate my research project to the person  
who can provide me with the correct information 
 (phone/e-mail or any contact adress for the CCC in  


William Moreno 
Durrel Institute of Conservation and Ecology 
wm1 at 

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