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WHAT: Undergraduate Summer Internship Opportunity in Akumal, Mexico 

Cornell University and the Ecological Center of Akumal will be sponsoring a 
summer internship program this upcoming summer. The program is intended for 
6 advanced undergraduates with an interest in coral reef ecology. Students 
will spend 8 weeks diving and studying the coral reefs in Akumal, Mexico. 
The first two weeks will be spent intensively studying basic coral reef 
ecology while learning the benthic fauna of the local reefs. During the 
next five weeks, 
students will work on individual research projects and participate in a 
reef monitoring project that will aid in the establishment of a marine park 
in Akumal. In the final week, students will write up their results in 
reports and give oral presentations of their findings. Throughout the 8 
weeks, students will read, discuss, and write about a variety of topics 
pertinent to coral reef ecology.  Students will also be introduced to the 
local Mexican and Mayan cultures. 

Students participating in the program will receive 8 semester credit hours 
from Cornell University as either Biological Sciences 418 or Geological 
Sciences 418 
"Tropical Marine Science". Students should have relevant course experience 
in oceanography, geology, and/or ecology. Field course experience is 
certainly an advantage. Students must be SCUBA certified, and preferably 
have some underwater research experience. We anticipate stiff competition 
for the 6 internships, so please include any information on your 
application that may strengthen your case. 

WHEN: Exact dates to be announced, but probably 9 June - 3 August (8 weeks) 

ABOUT AKUMAL:  Akumal is a small resort town located about 60 miles south 
of Canc=FAn, on the Yucat=E1n peninsula.  Although the reefs around Akumal a= 
in a relatively pristine state, this area of the Yucat=E1n is currently bein= 
developed to accommodate the increasing number of tourists visiting the 
area.   In addition to the coral reef diving, attractions include the 
nearby ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum and Coba and a remarkable network of 
underwater caves called cenotes.  Local residents of Akumal are dedicated 
to preserving the health of the local reefs while maintaining sustainable 
development of the tourism industry; to support this effort, part of BioSM 
418 will involve the collection of baseline data that will be used to 
monitor and protect the health of the reefs. 

WHAT DOES IT COST: The cost of participation in the program is $3,500 US. 
This includes room & board, tuition, and unlimited diving for 8 weeks. All 
dive operations will be supervised by a certified dive master. This price 
also includes international insurance. There is some financial aid 
available for those needing assistance. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE AIRFARE TO 
CANCUN, MEXICO, but it does include ground transportation from Cancun to 
Akumal. Those students requiring equipment will have the opportunity to 
purchase rebuilt Sherwood regulators (w/ pressure and depth guages) and 
bouyancy compensators for $250 (retail price, if new, is approximately 

APPLICATIONS:  Applications should be filed electronically to Dan Shapiro 
(dfs7 at The forms are below. Dan can also be contacted for 
further information at his e-mail address. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MAY 3, 

Application Procedures: 

Student selection will be based on statements of interests and letters of 
recommendation. All correspondence and application materials will be 
transmitted by electronic mail. 

Please transmit the following information  to DFS7 at CORNELL.EDU as 
your formal application: 

1. Name: 

2. Mailing Address: 

3. Telephone Number: 

4. E-mail Address: 

5. FAX Number: 

6. Sex: Male or Female (NOT YES OR NO) 

7. Birthdate 

8. Citizenship: 

9. Universities Attended: 

10. Current Academic Status: 

11. Statement of Interests: 

        Please describe in 500 words or less, 1.) what experience in 
        oceanography, marine ecology, and/or geology you would 
        bring to the program; 2.) what your long-term goals 
        are in these areas; and 3.) how you feel participation in the 
        program could further your efforts toward achieving those 

12. Letter of Recommendation: 

        Please have a letter of recommendation transmitted by e-mail. 
        Whoever writes your letter should be familiar with the statement 
        of interests that you have submitted and should emphasize how your 
        participation in the program will assist you in achieving your 
        academic goals. 

13. Do you need financial aid? Explain your circumstances and exact 
requirements to participate. 

All applications must be in by May 3, 1996 to ensure full consideration. 
We will attempt to have decisions transmitted to all applicants by May 15, 

Charles Greene          Phone: (607) 255-5449 
                        E-mail:  CHG2 at CORNELL.EDU 
                        FAX:    (607) 254-4780 

Director, Ocean Resources & Ecosystems Program, Center for the Environment 
Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, 
2130 Snee Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853 

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