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From: William Moreno Caycedo  <wm1 at ukc.ac.uk> 
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Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 17:02:25 +0100 (bst) 
Subject: Beliza GEF Project 
Dear all 

Does anybody out there knows what is actually  
happen with the CCC e-mail (if anything is wrong  
with it) in Belize Jgibson at btl.net.  I been trying to  
contact Janet Gibson (The National Project Adviser)  
for the pass three weeks and I haven't had any  
reply.  Also I been triying to phone them but the CCC  
office in London don't seem to have the right  
telephone number (they claim that 44552 is the right  
number, but I think in Belize they have  six diget  

Can anyone out there help me?  I promise that I  
would dedicate my research project to the person  
who can provide me with the correct information 
 (phone/e-mail or any contact adress for the CCC in  


William Moreno 
Durrel Institute of Conservation and Ecology 
wm1 at ukc.ac.uk 

Dear Mr. Moreno, 

You could get in touch with Janet Gibson at tel # +501 (0) 2 35739/30719 or  
fax # +501 (0) 2 35738. 

Coral Cay Coservation contact number in Belize is fax/phone  
# +501 (0) 2 32787, E-mail CORAL at UCB.EDU.BZ 

Henry Lanza 
CCC Office Manager 

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University College of Belize, PO Box 990,   |  Tel: +501 2 32787 
Belize City, BELIZE, Central America.       |  Fax: +501 2 32787 

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