Coral growth in enriched N and P.

Greta Smith Aeby greta at
Mon Apr 15 19:33:06 EDT 1996

     Dr. John Stimson at the University of Hawaii has done experiments  
looking at the effect of N & P enrichment on coral growth.  He published  
a paper on his results. 

On Sat, 13 Apr 1996 PRJCOLLI at wrote: 

> Dear All 
> Hello. Has anyone out here conducted experiments on the  effects of N and P 
> on coral 'nubbin' growth?. I believe that there are some of you in Barbados, 
> Glasgow and the States, and I would desperately appreciate advice on expt set 
> up and refs.  
> Many thanks 
> Peter RJ Collinson 
> The University of Hong Kong 

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