sand patch communities associated with reefs

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Tue Apr 16 03:04:56 EDT 1996

I have been trying to find literature regarding studies conducted on 
tropical soft-bottom communities associated with coral reefs.  Ideally, I 
am looking for studies which have concentrated on sand patches on the outer 
reef slope.  However, the only papers I have been able to find are those by 
Betz and Otte (1980), Grelet et al., (1987), Jones (1984) and Thomassin et 
al., (1982),  . 

I would be very grateful for any information on other relevant literature. 


Vanessa Craig 

Betz K.H. and Otte G.  1980.  Species distribution and biomass of the 
soft-bottom faunal macrobenthos in a coral reef (Shaab Baraja, Central Red 
Sea, Soudan).  Proc. Symp. Kartoum 1: 13-37. 

Grelet Y., Falconetti C., Thomassin B.A., Vitiello P. and Abu Hilal A.H. 
1987.  Distribution of the macro- and meiobenthic assemblages in the 
littoral soft- bottoms of the Gulf of Aqaba (Jordan).  Atoll Res. Bull. 
308: 1-14. 

Jones A.R.  1984.  Sedimentary relationships and community structure of 
benthic crustacean assemblages of reef-associated sediments at Lizard 
Island, Great Barrier Reef.  Coral Reefs 3(2): 101-111. 

Thomassin B.A., Jouin C., Renaud-Mornant J., Richard G. and Salvat B. 
1982.  Macrofauna and meiofauna in the coral sediment on the Tiahura Reef 
Complex, Moorea Island (French Polynesia).  Tethys 10(4): 392-397. 

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