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Gene Buck GBUCK at
Tue Apr 16 12:42:13 EDT 1996

Coral folks: 

      I have a request from a congressional office for some background 
information relating to coral and coral reefs.  I would appreciate some 
assistance in pointing me in the direction of where I might find what the office 
needs.  BTW, I work for the Congressional Research Service, one of the 
support agencies for the U.S. Congress -- we provide non-partisan, objective 
public policy analysis for Members of Congress and their staff. 

       Here is what the office is seeking: 

a)  a list of U.S. and world experts on coral resources, degradation, and 
protection, including address and/or telephone numbers.  Does any published 
list exist that might be provided to respond to this question?  If not, what might 
be the best approach to quickly generate the beginnings of such a list? 

b)  the identity and text of any State or Territory (United States only) 
legislation, studies, or hearings on coral resources, degradation, or protection. 
Any bibliographies for Florida, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, 
and others on State/Territorial legislative resources relating to corals?  [I am 
getting together everything done by the Federal Government, but need some 
help with the State/Territorial material] 

c)  the identity and text of any United Nations resolutions, conferences, 
studies, symposiums on coral resources, degradation, and protection.  
Especially interested in all documentation relating to UN resolution 
designating 1996 as "The Year of the Reef" -- and any events scheduled in 
relating to this UN designation. 

      Thanks for any assistance and suggestions you might be able to provide. 

                                                        Gene Buck, senior analyst 
                                                        Congressional Research Service 

    e-mail:  gbuck at 
    fax:  (202) 707-7289 

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