IMBC Marine Science Forum

Lisa owen lisa at
Wed Apr 17 03:28:40 EDT 1996

**Apologies for the cross-postings. This will be distributed to all 
relevant marine lists*** 

The Institute of Marine Biology of Crete (IMBC) invites the posting of 
messages on its Marine Science Forum (URL: 

The Forum is a web-based communication and collaboration system, and allows 
participants to browse topics, messages and replies, and to send e-mail 
directly to forum participants. You may create your own topics for the 
forum - this is particularly suited for specific subject areas not 
addressed by any of the mailing lists. 

Any enquires, questions or suggestions should be directed to lisa at 

Lisa Owen 
Information design and Development Dept. 
I.M.B.C, Iraklio, Greece 

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