relation between coral and mangroves

Mangroveap at Mangroveap at
Mon Apr 22 13:29:50 EDT 1996

Dear Mark Eskin, 
    I was advised to write you on obtaining information on the shared 
functions of coral and mangroves.  I am the Director of the Mangrove Action 
Project, based in Seattle, WA. Our organization is a non-profit international 
network addressing the serious problems of mangrove forest loss. We are 
trying to make more solid coalition connections with other groups working on 
coastal resource issues. Your help in clarifying the mutual connections 
betweenm coral and mangroves would help in this regards.  
   Also, please advise on what it entails to join your list.  And send us a 
mailing address, if you'd like a hard copy of our Spring issue of the MAP 
newsletter. Or, if you prefer, we can e-mail it. Thank you for your time and 

                         In Peace, 
                         Alfredo Quarto, Dorector 
                         Mangrove Action Project 

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