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                     BOOK NOTICE 

Ian R. Price and Fiona J. Scott, 1992, The Turf Algal Flora of the Great  
Barrier Reef, Part I, Rhodophyta, James Cook University, Townsville, xii  
+ 266 pp. (incl. 81 figs). Softcover. 

This volume deals with the turf-forming species of red algae recorded from 
the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Detailed descriptions and 
illustrations of 75 species and subspecies are provided, with emphasis on 
vegetative characters. In addition, data on nomenclature, type material, 
voucher specimens, habitat, seasonality and geographical distribution are 
given. Genus descriptions, keys to genera and species, a glossary of terms 
and taxonomic index are also included. This is the first detailed 
taxonomic treatment of the turf algae which occur on coral reefs, where 
they are of major importance in trophodynamics. Although written for 
Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the work should prove useful throughout the 
tropical Indo-West Pacific region.  

Available from the Bookshop, James Cook University, Townsville, Qld 4811, 
Australia [phone (077) 814 812, fax. (077) 251 209]. Price Aust$58.45 
(incl. packaging and postage in Australia or overseas). Cheques should be 
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