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Hi there 

I just wanted to let you know of a new book coming out that presents a  
collections of papers about UV and coral reefs, from methods, to  
reproduction, to vision, that came out of a workshop with the same name  
held in Hawaii a few years a go. 

Enclosed is the table of contents, for your scanning.  

The book's cost is $35 and that includes postage within the U.S. 

Well, for further info- contact the editors 
	Dave Alan Gulko <gulko at> 
	Paul L Jokiel <jokiel at uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu> 
At the Hawaii Inst. of Marine Biology 


	Ultraviolet Radiation and Coral Reefs 
		D. Gulko & P. L. Jokiel (eds) 

Table of Contents: 

	An Introduction to the Study  
		of UV on Coral Reefs			P. L. Jokiel 
	Ultraviolet Light and the Origin  
		of Life					D. Mauzerall 
	Oh No, Not Another Workshop:  
		A Summary of Previous UV Workshops	M. P. Lesser 
	General Overview of Instrumentation, 
		Experimental Methods, and  
		Attenuation of UV Radiation 
		into Natural Waters			M. P. Lesser 
	Introduction to Materials and  
		Methods Used by Participants in the  
		1994 HIMB Summer Program on  
		'UV and Coral Reefs'			D.Gulko, M. P.  
							Lesser & M. Ondrusek 
	An Introduction to the UV Environment 
		of Kane'ohe Bay, O'ahu			D. Gulko 
	Attenuation in Kane'ohe Bay as  
		Interpreted from PUV Profiles		K. W. Patterson 

	The Influence of Solar UV-B Radiation on  
		Copepods in the Lagoon at Coconut  
		Island, Hawai'i				H. Saito & S.Taguchi 
	A Biological Weighting Function for 
		Phytoplankton Growth Inhibition		P. J. M. Peterson, 
							R. C. Smith, K. W.  
							Patterson & P. L. 
	Physiological and Biochemical Effects of 
		UV Radiation on the Marine  
		Phytoplankton _Nannochloropsis_ sp. 
		and _Dunaliella_ sp.			B. Butow & T. 
	Horizontal and Vertical Distribution of MAA's 
		in Hawaiian Corals: A Depth Profile 
		and a Survey				I. Kuffner, M. E. 
							Ondrusek & 
							M. Lesser 
	Response of a Pacific Stony Coral to Short- 
		term Exposure of Ultraviolet and  
		Visible Light				S. K. Lewis 
	Bleaching and Lipids in the Pacific Coral 
		_Montipora verrucosa_			A. G. Grottoli- 
	Uneven Bleaching Within a Coral Colony in 
		Response to Differing Levels of 
		Solar Radiation				A. G. Grottoli- 
							Everett & I. 
	The Metabolic Response of _Fungia scutaria_ 
		to Elevated Temperatures Under Various 
		UV Radiation Regimes			S. V. Hohlbach 
	Preliminary Report of the Occurance of 
		Mycosporine-like Amino Acids in the 
		Eggs of the Hawaiian Scleractinian 
		Corals _Montipora verrucosa_ and  
		_Fungia scutaria_			D. A. Krupp & 
							J. Blanck 
	Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on  
		Fertilization in the Hawaiian Coral 
		_Fungia scutaria_			D. Gulko 
	The Effect of UV on Settlement of the Planula 
		of _Pocillopora damicornis_		A. Baker 

	Ultraviolet Radiation: Helpful or Harmful to 
		Zooxanthellae Culture Growth		S. R. Santos 

	Survey of Mycosporine-like Amino Acids in the  
		Macrophytes of Kane'ohe Bay		A. T. Banaszak & 
							M. Lesser 
	Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation and Nitrogen 
		Enrichment on Growth in the Coral Reef  
		Chlorophytes _Dictyosphaeria cavernosa_ 
		and _Dictyosphaeria versluysii_		S. Larned 
	Phototoxicity in a Coral Reef Flat Community	R. Peachey & 
							D. Crosby 

UV & Vision: 
	UV Vision by Marine Animals: Mainly Questions	N. Shashar 
	Polarization Vision as a Mechanism for 
		Detection of Transparent Objects	N. Shashar, L. 
							Addessi & T. W.  
	Designs for Submersible Imaging Polarimeters	N. Shashar, T. W. 
							Cronin, G. Johnson 
							& L. B. Wolff 
	Ultraviolet Imagery				G. Losey, C. W. 
							Hawryshyn, W. N. 
							McFarland, E. R. 
							Lowe, T. W. Cronin 
							& D. Fiore 

	Workshop Roundtable Discussion on 
		"Directions in Marine UV Research" 

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