mitochondrial genetics of coral

Heidi Welchlin hwelchli at
Mon Dec 2 11:40:54 EST 1996

My name is Heidi Welchlin and I am a molecular biologist at the National 
Institutes of Health.  I am interested in finding out more about the field 
of mitochondrial genetics of coral and find out who may be doing research 
in this field.  Of particular interest would be researchers in the 
Miami/Florida Keys area as I am considering relocating to Key Largo.  Any 
help that anyone could provide me would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. 

Heidi L. Welchlin 
Gene Transfer Technology Section 
Clinical Gene Therapy Branch 
National Center for Human Genome Research 
National Institutes of Health 
10 Center Drive 10/10C107  MSC 1851 
Bethesda, MD 20892-1851 

e-mail: hwelchli at 
phone: (301)435-2827 
fax: (301)496-7184 

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