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Michael AW has noted: 
>If every operator in the region would start by adopting a village or 
>local community near their operation, providing them with education and a 
>source of income, it shall be a positive start to eliminating  dynamite and 
>cyanide off  our coral reefs..... 

Not just every diving tourism or dive shop operator , but also every 
amateur and university diving club in your region could be asked to 
participate.  And don't forget your have an 
opportunity to extend those wonderful teaching materials for GBR coral 
reefs to real-world actions.  (Incidentally, my experience here in the 
southwestern US is that an excellent "hooker", to divers and school 
teachers alike, is an age-appropriate project which allows them to feel as 
though they are participating in IYOR.) 

Please folks also remember there are also lots of Asian SCUBA divers, dive 
operators, students and scientists with deep concerns for the integrity of 
their own and the region's coral reefs and coastal communities....perhaps 
some of whom could share with us their ideas about how best to reverse 
current trends. 

Judy Lang 

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