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Michael AW, 

I admired your comments and thought you 
might be interested in my recent book. 


John Clark 

Publication Announcement 

1996. Lewis/CRC Publishers, Boca Raton, Florida.  694 p 

Price: $89.95 in US, $108.00 outside US 

Order from Lewis/CRC Publishers 
2000 Corporate Blvd. N.W. 
Boca Raton, Florida 33431-9868 

Telephone: 800-272-7737 (US) 407-994-0555  (outside US) 
Fax:          800-374-3401 
E-mail: Internet:orders at 
Worldwide Web: 

CONTENTS: This is the first comprehensive practioners guide for coastal zone 
management. It 
embraces the various aspects of coastal resources planning and management 
technology in 
four major sections: 

1. Management Strategies: (62 p) Describes the integrated coastal zone 
management (ICZM) 
approach and provides a complete format for planning and management from 
strategy planning 
to preparation of the Master Plan. Includes policy, legal, administrative, 
scientific, and 
participatory aspects of ICZM program development. 

2. Management Methods: (159 p) Describes 46 methodologies for conserving coastal 
resources, preserving biodiversity, and protecting communities from natural 
disasters like 
cyclones. Describes administrative techniques, planning methods, management 
environmental measurements, coastal boundaries, land-water interactions, 
participation,  and use zoning. 

3. Management Information: (256 p) Presents a compilation of basic information 
about coastal 
resources planning and management. The 110 individual discussions include such 
subjects as 
resource types and sensitivities, sources of impact, conservation concepts, 
indicators, databases, sustainable use of resources, traditional uses and 
controls, and 
restoration of ecosystems. 

4. Case Histories: (152 p) Examines 47 different cases of coastal zone planning 
management attempts around the world. The purpose of the mini-cases is to 
compare a variety 
of ICZM management trials and to suggest reasons for the successes and failures 
and to 
propose approaches that offer a higher level of success. Each one discusses the 
background of 
the mini-case and identifies problems, solutions, and lessons learned 

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