Marine Protected Areas

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Thu Dec 5 19:02:46 EST 1996

     Coral Reef Managers and Scientists; 

     In an effort to develop, and host. an international conference of  
     Marine Protected Area Managers, Biscayne National Park is trying  
     to identify all of the marine parks, preserves and protected  
     areas located in, or in close proximity to, the Caribbean Sea,  
     Gulf of Mexico and the Bahama Plateau. What we need are the  
     names, addresses (including email if possible) and phone numbers  
     of the managers or the person directly in charge of these areas.   
     If you know of a marine park in any of these areas please let me  
     know at the address (or email) below.   

     Richard W. Curry                              Science Coordinator 
     Biscayne National Park                        Phone     (305)230-1144 
     P.O. Box 1369, Homestead, Fl 33090-1369       FAX       (305)230-1190 
     email:  BISC_Science at <- Preferred 
             rcurry at 

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