Coral Reef Ecology CD-ROM Special Offer

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Wed Dec 11 17:51:31 EST 1996

In anticipation of the International Year of the Reef-1997 program (IYOR), 
for a limited time CORAL-LIST forum members may purchase our Coral Kingdom 
CD-ROM for $49.95 which is $30 off the standard price. This is a limited 
time special introductory offer made only to news lists that focus on 
corals and tropical marine ecology.  It is primarily intended for 
university-level educators, however the program is widely used in secondary 
schools as well.  Offer expires 12/31/96. 


CD-ROM for Macintosh and Windows with 179 page educator guide. 

Thematic Approach to Biology and Ecology: Created by a marine ecologist, 
the software features a tremendous collection of original underwater 
photography to illustrate a thematic approach to the study of reef biology, 
marine ecology and biodiversity. 

The software is ideally suited for units on the coral reef or to 
demonstrate the concepts of form and function in adaptations, 
interrelationships between organisms and habitat, competition, predator 
avoidance, energy and materials cycles and human impacts in general biology 
or introductory environmental science, biodiversity or ecology courses. 

Missions:  Each of the four units incorporates a hands-on activity to be 
completed by students--either in small groups or individually.  Each 
mission consists of an exploratory microworld intended to stimulate the 
curiosity of students and to engage their interest in the  natural world. 
The methods used by the students at the computer are much like those 
actually employed by a field ecologist. 

Each of the four missions takes the user on a research SCUBA dive in which 
he or she controls the direction and pace of the investigation.  The 
procedures to be followed and mission objectives are described in detail 
within the unit sections of the teachers guide and can be  accessed by 
clicking the "?" button during a mission.  An on-line notebook is provided 
in which students store information acquired by clicking  objects on the 
screen during the underwater expedition.  The content of the notebook may 
be saved as a text file, then edited or printed using a word processor 

What the Reviewers Say 

"This is the best software I have seen that uses inquiry learning for 
principles of ecology combined with outstanding photography of coral reef 
inhabitants.  The student has to work to collect data and draw 
conclusions." George C. Boone, Ph.D, American Biology Teacher.  "Coral 
Kingdom is a serious academic program.  It asks students to do some real 
scientific thinking."  Technology and Learning.  " are looking for 
thematic units in science, then you should examine Coral Kingdom."  The 
Computing Teacher.  "Stunning visuals, detailed narration and excellent 
supplemental reference materials guide exploration of a coral reef, its 
biology and its ecology.  MacUser "The Ultimate Guide to Children's 
Software" 4 mice. 

Extensive reviews and detailed descriptions are available at our Web Site. 

Offer Expires 12/31/96 

To take advantage of this special offer, we must receive a purchase order 
or check by December 31st in the amount of $54.95 ($49.95 + $5.00 
shipping).   California purchasers please include 8.25% state tax.  Write 
"CORAL-LIST Special" on P.O. 

Send P.O. to 

Digital Studios 
209 Santa Clara Avenue 
Aptos, CA 95003 

or FAX to 
(408) 688-5738 

Any questions call Dr. Ron S. Nolan at (800) 499-3322 or (408) 688-3158. 

Happy Holidays 


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