cyanide and the live reef fish trade

Bob Johannes bobjoh at
Thu Dec 12 00:50:18 EST 1996

Those following the current discussion among coral-list and Fisheries 
Social Science Network members concerning cyanide and the live reef fish 
trade may be interested in the following sources of information. 

1.A 33,000 word review, entitled ENVIRONMENTAL, ECONOMIC, AND SOCIAL 
Robert E. Johannes and Michael Riepen is available via internet. 
Go to 
Double click on the "Asia/Pacific Programs" button. 
A synopsis of the report will appear along with the phrase:  "For more 
technical information about the live reef fish trade, see (the report 
title)."  Double click on the  title and the full report will come up.  The 
user can either print it or save it. 

2.The subject has received a crescendo of publicity during the past year (a 
4-page spread in TIME, several CNN interviews, major coverage in the New 
York Times and LA Times, 2 pages in New Scientist, two programs on Voice of 
America, many articles in dive magazines etc.etc.) As a result, efforts to 
combat the deplorable environmental and social effects of this 
billion-dollar-plus trade and put it on a sustainable basis are 
accelerating on various fronts. (There is no cause for complacency, 
however; the challenges are complex and prodigious). To help people keep up 
with developments, the South Pacific Commission and The Nature Conservancy 
now produce a twice-yearly Information Bulletin on Live Reef Fish 
(focussing on the environmental impacts of the capture, culture and trade 
of not only live reef food fish, but also marine aquarium fish).  Anyone 
wishing  receive this publication free should contact Jean Paul Gaudechoux 
<JPG at>. Anyone interested in making written contributions to it 
should contact me. 

Bob Johannes 

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