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Subject: LANDSAT Postdoc: coastal/aquatic remote sensing position (fwd) 

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           Postdoctoral Position available to work on the 

                     NASA-LANDSAT Science Team: 

                        Coastal Applications 

                    University of South Florida 

NASA has provided support for a Postdoctoral Fellow to work with the 
LANDSAT Science Team component addressing remote sensing applications of 
the coastal zone. The position is available at the University of South 
Florida, and the Postdoctoral Fellow would work with Frank Muller-Karger 
and Kendall Carder of the Department of Marine Science (St. Petersburg, 

Interested applicants should have a strong background in radiative 
transfer theory, remote sensing applications, and in developing and 
carrying out validation campaigns. Applicants with a working and 
programming knowledge of Unix C, C++, and FORTRAN are encouraged to apply. 
Familiarity with IDL, ERDAS Imagine, and ARC-INFO is a definite plus. The 
incumbent will have the opportunity to work on atmospheric as well as 
aquatic issues relevant to processing of the LANDSAT data in coastal 
zones, will work using field as well as airborne and satellite 
hyperspectral data, and participate in defining the requirements for 
future LANDSAT systems. 

The Postdoctoral Fellow will participate in LANDSAT activities which are 
an integral component of the Earth Observing System, a program within 
NASA's Mission to Planet Earth. 

The University of South Florida is an equal opportunity/affirmative action 
employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. 

For information, please contact: 
Frank Muller-Karger 
carib at 
(813) 893-9186 / FAX: (813) 893-9103 


Kendall Carder 
kcarder at 
(813)  893-9148 

University of South Florida 
Department of Marine Science 
140  7th Ave. South 
St Petersburg, FL 33701 

__________________________________ FMK ________________________________________ 

Frank Muller-Karger			Remote Sensing/Biological Oceanogr. 
Department of Marine Science 
University of South Florida		Phone: (813) 553-3335 (Off.) 
140 7th Ave. South			       (813) 893-9186 (Lab.) 
St Petersburg, FL 33701			FAX:   (813) 893-9103 

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