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Subject: Hurricane Lili/San Salvador 

I recently visited the Bahamian Field Station on San Salvador Island, in 
the eastern Bahamas.  On October 19, 1996, San Salvador Island was 
directly hit by Hurricane Lili with winds up to 110 mph.  During my visit 
with students in early December, I encountered many effects of the 
Hurricane on the reefs, beaches, and lagoons. 

Based on photographs and on-site descriptions, I have recently prepared 
"Some effects of Hurricane Lili on San Salvador Island, Bahamas" which is 
on the internet. 

Many researchers and field trip leaders who bring students to the 
Bahamian Field Station are, of course, interested in the aftermath.  This 
short note is for those researchers and educators that have visited or 
will visit the Island. 

In this short note, I mainly focus on the geologic effects of Hurricane 
Lili, but as you will see, some of the focus is on damage to coral.  The 
report contains the following sections: 

General observations 
Hurricane track and Intensity 
Photographs of the effects of Lili 
	Severe damage to trees at high elevations 
	Extensive salt-spray and wind damage 
	Coral damage 
	Coral Rubble washover and Beach Erosion 
	Washover of sand into a nearby lagoon 
	Damage to houses 

The document is located at: 

John Garver 
Associate Professor 
Union College 
Schenectady NY 12308 

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