Panama Workshop bioerosion 2

Mireille Peyrot peyrot at
Tue Jun 4 04:36:24 EDT 1996

        Bill Kiene wrote me only the two first message had been cut so I 
send it again , I hope it"ll arri 
ve well 

Proposed format for the Workshop on Bioerosion being held during the 8th 
International Coral Reef Symposium 

1. Initial Welcome by the organisers, Drs Pat Hutchings and Mireille 
Peyrot-Clausade, and a brief explanation of the structure of the Workshop. 
Duration of Workshop- half day. 

2. All participants will then introduce themselves, and give a brief 
summary (max time 3 mins) of their current research studies on bioerosion, 
using an overhead with the following main points covered- (this is designed 
to save time and help the non native English speakers- it will also help in 
compiling a summary document on the board if everybody also bought a xerox 
of this overhead for the organisers). 

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