Coral Reef Research and Conservation (From Jean-Sébastien Houziaux (aquarium))

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Subject: Coral Reef Research. 

To who it may concern, 

I found the announce for the International Year of the Reef in the UICN's 
"Shark News", which a French researcher sent me since I am particularly 
interested in shark ecology and conservation. I made graduate studies in 
Zoology and post-graduate (Master, 2 years) in Oceanology at University of 
Li=E8ge (Belgium). 
I started a major work on a small European species, the Lesser Spotted 
Dogfish Scyliorhinus canicula, which has become the most important Selachian 
in the French Fisheries since the recent decay of the Spiny dogfish, Squalus 
Acanthias. I wanted to continue my first work on the annual cycle of 
reproduction of this species by a behavioural approach, with a further look 
on the fishery problem with the framework of 'IFREMER' (France). 
Unfortunately, I was the only Belgian researcher to start a work in the 
field of Selachians, and I therefore couldn't get any funding for this Ph.D. 
project. Our laboratory had to give it up. 
I am searching for a new project, and this is very hard in Belgium in the 
field of Marine Ecology. I want to leave Belgium and search in a foreign 
country. Therefore, I have applied to the 'BAEF' (Belgian American 
Educational Foundation) in order to get a grant for starting a Ph.D. in the 
USA. My candidature is accepted on the basis of my academic results. I am 
now seeking for a project to submit within an American institution. I 
currently have no idea on how to get other funding for such research in 
another country. 
I would like to know if there may be a chance for starting a PhD project 
dealing with the ecology and conservation of coral reefs, since such a work 
is actually of a prime interest to me. I am specialized in Fish Ecology and 
Behaviour, with personal interest to sharks and rays, but my studies gave me 
a broad approach of general Marine Ecology. I don't know whether it might be 
useful to do so on this server, but I attach to this message a copy of my 
C.V., hoping somebody to be interested in it. 

I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you. 


Jean-S=E9bastien Houziaux (University of Liege: Graduate in Zoology, Master= 

N.B. This E-mail was sent from another location than the address given in 
the C.V. (aquarium at Both can be used. 
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