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Dear All, 

I am posting an announcement for the Proceedings of the Third 
National Symposium in Philippine Marine Science, ed. by Filipina 
Sotto, Jason Young, and Fr. Joseph Baumgartner, SVD.  We have only a 
few limited copies left.  This book contains 20 original articles and 
67 abstracts from the symposium held in Iloilo, Panay Island, on May 
3-4, 1994.  The articles are peer-reviewed by international 

Cost is only US$ 40.00 including air mail.  This book is important 
since it provides information from a region that is relatively 
unknown, though containing one of the highest biodiversity in the 
world.   Topics include aquaculture, coastal resource management, 
molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, ecology, oceanography 
and pollution. 

All proceeds go directly to the Philippine Association of Marine  
Science.  Thank you very much for your time and support. 

Jason Young 
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Marine Biology Section 
University of San Carlos          fax (+63-32) 3460351 
Cebu City 6000, Philippines       email: mbs at 

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