Nominations for ISRS Council

Callum Roberts cr10 at
Thu Jun 6 17:22:57 EDT 1996

Dear Colleagues, 

	Thanks to all of you who responded to my recent  
posting asking for nominations for councillors of the International  
Society for Reef Studies. This note is to let you know that by a  
decision of the council of ISRS the deadline for nominations has been  
extended to the 31st August in order to allow everybody time to have  
a say in the process.  

	Among the current nominees, the USA and Europe are well  
represented. However, we are particularly keen to expand the  
geographic base of ISRS council and so still seek nominations of  
people from developing countries, Australasia and the Pacific to even  
the balance out a little. Please give some thought to possible  
nominees from these areas especially. Those nominating somebody  
need to obtain their permission and need to forward to me (or get the  
nominee to forward) a brief paragraph stating interests and  
experience. Self nominations are welcome. I look forward to receiving  
your responses. 

Best wishes, 

Callum Roberts 
Corresponding Secretary ISRS 

EEEM, University of York, York, YO1 5DD, UK 
Fax: +44 1904 432998 

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