UnCover Reveal Alert Service

JSTEIN1 at umbc2.umbc.edu JSTEIN1 at umbc2.umbc.edu
Mon Jun 10 01:23:50 EDT 1996

If you have a University or other affiliation they may already have a  
site liscense that can carry you and save you the yearly fee. I'm new to  
the service but people say it works well. 
James Stein 
Department of Geography 
University of Maryland Baltimore County 

On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, Osha Gray Davidson wrote: 

> Anyone familiar with UnCover's Reveal Alert Service? For $20/year they say 
> they'll e-mail the most recent tables of contents from 50 journals (you 
> pick'em from their list of 17,000 title). AND once a week they'll run a 
> search of user-provided terms of new articles in their database--again, 
> e-mailing you the results. Sounds good; has anyone tried it? Then there's 
> the question of which journals? I'm a science writer new to this field: Can 
> list-serve members suggest which journals are most important to keep posted 
> on? (I won't even get into the question of best search terms at this point!) 
> Thanks 
> Osha Gray Davidson 
> By the way, they're URL is: http://www.carl.org 

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