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JT Coral reefs. 
DA 1996 v 15 n 2 
PG   69 
AU Glynn, P.W. 
TI Coral reefs of the eastern Pacific. 
SI 0722-4028(1996)15:2L.69:CREP;1- 
>>      Profile #: 1236477          UnCover #:  251,066,023,229 

JT Coral reefs. 
DA 1996 v 15 n 2 
PG   71 
AU Glynn, P.W. 
AU Veron, J.E.N. 
AU Wellington, G.M. 
TI Clipperton Atoll (eastern Pacific): oceanography, geomorphology, 
   reef-building coral ecology and biogeography. 
SI 0722-4028(1996)15:2L.71:CA(P;1- 
>>      Profile #: 1236477          UnCover #:  251,066,023,236 

JT Coral reefs. 
DA 1996 v 15 n 2 
PG  101 
AU Reaka-Kudla, M.L. 
AU Feingold, J.S. 
AU Glynn, W. 
TI Experimental studies of rapid bioerosion of coral reefs in the 
   Galapagos Islands. 
SI 0722-4028(1996)15:2L.101:ESRR;1- 
>>      Profile #: 1236477          UnCover #:  251,066,023,243 

JT Coral reefs. 
DA 1996 v 15 n 2 
PG  109 
AU Eakin, C.M. 
TI Where have all the carbonates gone? A model comparison of calcium 
   carbonate budgets before and after the 1982-1983 El Nino at Uva Island in 
   the eastern Pacific. 
SI 0722-4028(1996)15:2L.109:WHAC;1- 
>>      Profile #: 1236477          UnCover #:  251,066,023,248 

JT Coral reefs. 
DA 1996 v 15 n 2 
PG  121 
AU Robertson, D.R. 
AU Allen, G.R. 
TI Zoogeography of the shorefish fauna of Clipperton Atoll. 
SI 0722-4028(1996)15:2L.121:ZSCA;1- 
>>      Profile #: 1236477          UnCover #:  251,066,023,252 

JT Coral reefs. 
DA 1996 v 15 n 2 
PG  133 
AU Lessios, H.A. 
AU Kessing, B.D. 
AU Graybeal, A. 
TI Indo-Pacific echinoids in the tropical eastern Pacific. 
SI 0722-4028(1996)15:2L.133:IEEP;1- 
>>      Profile #: 1236477          UnCover #:  251,066,023,255 

JT Coral reefs. 
DA 1996 v 15 n 2 
PG  143 
AU Steiner, S.C.C. 
AU Cortes, J. 
TI Spermatozoan ultrastructure of scleractinian corals from the eastern 
   Pacific: Pocilloporidae and Agariciidae. 
SI 0722-4028(1996)15:2L.143:SUSC;1- 
>>      Profile #: 1236477          UnCover #:  251,066,024,008 

JT Coral reefs. 
DA 1996 v 15 n 2 
PG  108 
AU Feingold, J.S. 
TI Coral survivors of the 1982-83 El Nino-Southern Oscillation, Galapagos 
   Islands, Ecuador. 
SI 0722-4028(1996)15:2L.108:CS1E;1- 
>>      Profile #: 1236477          UnCover #:  251,066,024,016 

JT Coral reefs. 
DA 1996 v 15 n 2 
PG  120 
AU Eakin, C.M. 
AU Glynn, P.W. 
TI Low tidal exposures and reef mortalities in the eastern Pacific. 
SI 0722-4028(1996)15:2L.120:LTER;1- 
>>      Profile #: 1236477          UnCover #:  251,066,024,021 

JT Coral reefs. 
DA 1996 v 15 n 2 
PG  132 
AU Robertson, D.R. 
TI Holacanthus limbaughi, and Stegastes baldwini, endemic fishes of 
   Clipperton island, tropical eastern Pacific. 
SI 0722-4028(1996)15:2L.132:HLSB;1- 
>>      Profile #: 1236477          UnCover #:  251,066,024,023 

JT Coral reefs. 
DA 1996 v 15 n 2 
PG  148 
TI International Society for Reef Studies. 
SI 0722-4028(1996)15:2L.148:ISRS;1- 
>>      Profile #: 1236477          UnCover #:  251,066,024,028 

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