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Wed Jun 19 15:04:45 EDT 1996

           US Global Change Research Program Draft List of Second Monday Sem= 
                                               Series Topics for 1996-97 

                                                        June 19, 1996 

Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

        In our first year, our seminar series has covered a wide range of 
topics (see list on reverse side).  In anticipation of the upcoming year of 
seminars the U.S. Global Change Research Program Office has compiled a 
draft list of possible topics to be included in the US Global Change 
Research Program Second Monday Seminar Series.  We would very much 
appreciate your input regarding this list, and welcome your suggestions as 
to additional and/or alternative topics. 

Please indicate your level of interest in the following topics by ranking 
each of the topics listed below from 0 to 5, with 5 indicating the highest 
level of interest, 3 general interest, and 0 indicating that the topic is 
unlikely to be of interest to our primary audience (Congressional staff, 
reporters and newsletter writers, agency program leaders, NGO's, and those 
with global and regional environmental interests).  Suggestions for 
additional or alternative topics should also be indicated. Please remember 
we have only 11 slots each year. 

Our sincere thanks for your comments, support, and continued interest in 
the U.S. Global Change Research Program Second Monday Seminar Series. 

                                                        Sincerely Yours, 
                                                        Anthony D. Socci, Ph= 

Please mail, fax, or e-mail your response to: 

Dr. Anthony D. Socci 
U.S. Global Change Research Program Office 
300 D St., SW, Suite 840 
Washington, DC 20024 
Tel. (202) 651-8244 
=46ax: (202) 554-6715 
E-mail: tsocci at 
Global Change Web Site: 

                                                   Past USGCRP Seminars 

=46loods and Droughts 
Climate Models 
Ice Core Records of Past Climate Changes: Implications for the Future 
Climate Change and Human Health 
Signals of Human-Induced Climate Warming 
Anthropogenic Ozone Depletion: Status and Human Health Implications 
The Role of Aerosols in Climate Change 
Coral Reef Bleaching: Ecological and Economic Implications 
A Close Look at Global Satellite and Surface Temperature Records and Trends 
Extent and Implications of Land Cover Changes: The View from Space 
Climate Implications of Abrupt Changes in Ocean Circulation 

                             Draft Topics for 1996-97 USGCRP Seminars 

=AE Climate Feedbacks and Controls  - What processes are involved in forcing 
climate change and what are the feedbacks? 
=AE Possible Economic Paradigms for Assessing the Cost of Climate Change and 
=AE Polar Ice Caps , Mountain Glaciers, and Sea Level Rise: Status, Trends, 
and Implications 
=AE The Climate of the Past Few Thousand Years 
=AE History of the Earth's Climate System  - How have Earth's systems and 
processes operated to bring about climate change over the history of the 
=AE How Much Atmospheric CO2 Can the Biosphere and the Oceans Absorb?  - Wha= 
are the climatic implications of nature's limited ability to absorb CO2? 
=AE Environmental Security in a Climatically-Altered World: The Middle East 
=AE  Climate Change and Water Resources in the Western U.S. 
=AE Anomalous Absorption of Solar Radiation 
=AE Emissions Trends and Projections:  Possible Pathways into the 21St Centu= 
=AE Climate Surprises - What low probability events could lead to large 
changes in climate? 
=AE Assessing the Cost of a Weather-Related Disaster 
=AE Indicators of Climate Change: The Observational Record 
=AE An Economic Look at Climate Mitigation Options 
=AE Barriers to the Use of Renewable Energy  and More Energy Efficient 
=AE Detection of Global Warming: The Ocean Acoustical Experiment 
=AE Chemical Feedbacks and Climate Warming: The Case of Methane Hydrates 
=AE El Nino Forecasting:  The Cost and Economic and Social Benefits 
=AE Tropospheric Ozone: How Is It Changing and What Effects Would It Have? 
=AE Stratospheric Ozone: When Will the Decline in CFC Concentrations Close 
the Ozone Hole? 
=AE Satellites: What Are They Telling Us About the Earth System? 
=AE Deserts: Are They Expanding? 
=AE Tropical Forests: How Fast Are They Disappearing? 
=AE Uncertainties: Perspectives from Effects and Consequences Research 
=AE Food Production and Global Environmental Change: What Are the Prospects? 
=AE International and Intergenerational Equity: What's Involved? 

Additional Suggestions:   ___________________________________________ 

Optional Information: What is your organizational affiliation? 

=AE  Federal or State Agency 
=AE Non-Government Organization 
=AE Academic Institution 
=AE U.S. Congress 
=AE International Organization 
=AE Other (Please Specify) ___________________________ 

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