I.C.R.S. 8th - request for reports available

James C. Hendee hendee at aoml.noaa.gov
Thu Jun 20 08:02:37 EDT 1996

If anyone attending the Symposium has digital copies of presentations, 
data, images, etc. that they'd like for me to post on the CHAMP Home Page, 
please see me at the Symposium, FTP the files to our anonymous ftp site at 
coral.aoml.noaa.gov (subdirectory pub/champ/8icrs), or mail them to me 
(address below) and I'll make them publicly available. 

	Sincerely yours, 

	Jim Hendee 

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On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Bernard A. THOMASSIN wrote: 

> Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 12:31:12 +0100 
> From: Bernard A. THOMASSIN <thomassi at com.univ-mrs.fr> 
> To: coral-list at reef.aoml.noaa.gov 
> Subject: I.C.R.S. 8th - request for reports available 
> To all the 8th ICRS Workshops  Organizators, 
> Unfortunatly for me I cannot attemp the Symposium (lack of money...), so please try to gather for me all the 
informal papers or reports that will be distributed during the worshop you will organize. This is important for me, but 
also to make copy for various isolated coral reef researchers (as Madagascar, Moyotte I. or other places in the 
> Thanks a lot. Have a nice symposium and attractive discussions. 
> Bernard A. Thomassin  

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