Ornamental Reef Fish - Reg.s and Recruitment

Jennifer A. Wheeler wheeler at zool.umd.edu
Thu Jun 27 18:00:02 EDT 1996

Two quick questions for those in the know about the marine aquarium  

1.  Has the European Community adopted regulations with prohibit  
trade in organisms unlikely to survive in captivity (discussed in  
Wood 1992 - reprort on the marine aquarium trade). 

2.  Has there been some sort of major rethinking about which factors  
limit numbers of reef fish?  I believe the traditional view is that  
shelter or space as well as food are the primary limiting factors, with 
recruitment out of the planktonic larval stage not really limiting.  Is this now  
thought to be the other way around - for some or many species?  
(Something I read in the Johannes and Riepen 1995 report on the live reef 
 fish trade makes me ask.) 

Well, maybe these weren't quick questions, but I would appreciate any  
feedback.  Thank you. 

Jennifer Wheeler 
wheeler at zool.umd.edu 

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