Pathobiology Workshop

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Sat Mar 2 22:39:10 EST 1996

A workshop, "New Perspectives on Pathobiology of Coral Reef Organisms," 
will be presented at the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium, 24-29 June 
1996 in Panama City, Panama.  This one-day workshop will be held mid-week 
during the symposium and will provide a forum for education and 
communication in the field of pathobiology as it relates to the study of 
diseases in algae, invertebrates, and vertebrates of tropical marine 
ecosystems.  The workshop will consist of short presentations on diseases 
and research topics, hands-on discussion/demonstration sessions of methods 
and techniques in histopathology, microbiology, and parasitology, and a 
discussion on physical/chemical factors causing or mediating diseases in 
these organisms. 

To obtain a copy of the program and registration forms for the 8th 
International Coral Reef Symposium, please contact: 

    Maria Majela Brenes P., Convention Manager 
    Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute 
    phone:   507-280354 
    fax:     507-280970 
    e-mail:  stri01.naos.brenesm at 

To help plan the activities for the workshop, please provide the 
following information by March 16 to Esther Peters or Debbie Santavy 
(addresses at end).  If you know someone else who might wish to 
participate, please give them this form also. 



Phone:                   Fax:                 E-mail: 

Check one: 

     (   )  I am definitely planning to attend the workshop. 

     (   )  I am not yet sure I will be able to attend. 

           [Please let us know if your plans change] 

Are you interested in participating in a special discussion group? 
Please select one: 

   (   )  Histopathology   (   )  Microbiology   (   )  Parasitology 

Could you present a short (10 min) presentation on your research or a 
topic of interest?  If yes, please specify the topic: 

Do you have any other interests or concerns about research on diseases 
of tropical marine organisms that you think we should discuss at the 
workshop?  Please list: 

Thank you very much.  We look forward to seeing you in Panama! 

Esther Peters                     Deborah Santavy 
Tetra Tech, Inc.                  U.S. EPA, Environmental Research Lab 
10306 Eaton Place, Suite 340      1 Sabine Island Drive 
Fairfax, VA  22030                Gulf Breeze, FL  32361 USA 
phone:  703-385-6000              phone:  904-934-9358 
fax:    703-385-6007              fax:    904-934-9300 
e-mail:                           e-mail: 
     73261.2212 at        dsantavy at 

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