Coral Reef Restoration

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Wed Mar 6 07:18:58 EST 1996

The following posting to the marine biology list-server regarding coral  
transplantation and reef restoration may be of interest to the coral-list: 

Date:    Mon, 4 Mar 1996 16:52:52 -0800 
From:    Bob Hoffman <bhoffman at> 
Subject: Re: coral reef transplantation 

Richard F. Ambrose wrote: 
> In article <4hfbcq$fh1 at> bk2j at writes: 
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> >Subject: coral reef transplantation 
> >Date: 4 Mar 1996 18:05:14 GMT 
> >Does anybody know anything about feasability of coral reef  
Any comments/references would be appreciated. 
> There's an article in the most recent issue of Restoration Ecology that  
> with this: 
> Rinkevich, B.  1995.  Restoration strategies for coral reefs damaged by 
> recreational activities:  the use of sexual and asexual recruits. 
> Ecology 3:  241-251. 

You may want to get in contact with John Naughton with the National 
Marine Fisheries Service in Honolulu.  He is involved in coral transplant 
project somewhere in Pacific Islands.  His email address is 
john_naughton at 

Bob Hoffman 
NMFS, Long Beach, CA 
bob_hoffman at 

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