Information request for Barclay's Park, Barbados

Ursula Keuper-Bennett howzit at
Thu Mar 7 20:36:53 EST 1996


I am interested in any information about Barclay's Park, Barbados.  I  
would especially welcome any comments from divers who may know the area.  I 
surfed the Net and the only information I presently have on the locale  
is it is a 50 acre park and swimming can be dangerous.  During my Net poking 
about I did discover that a surprising number of papers had been written 
about eutrophication in Barbados water.   

I need to know a lot more than this.  I would appreciate any feedback on the 
condition of corals and ocean in and around Barclay's Park, please. 

Aloha and best 

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