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Fri Mar 8 07:59:25 EST 1996

Hello all, 

> Dear Walter, 
> I'd very much like to hear your insights from the Soto Reef project.  Do  
> you plan any follow-up survival studies?  Drop me a line when you get a  
> chance. 
> Best regards, 
> Dr. Stephen C. Jameson, President 
> Coral Seas, Inc. - Integrated Coastal Zone Management 
> 4254 Hungry Run Road  
> The Plains, VA  20198-1715  USA 
> 703/754-8690, 703/754-9139 (FAX) 
> Internet:  sjameson at 
is an example of mail meant for one person that was sent to over 
500 people. That is unnecessary loading of many E-mail boxes. Could 
all of you please pay attention to the address your mail application chooses 
when you click "reply"? In other words: please only send to the  
coral-list when you want your message to appear on >500 computer  
screens. That would make live a bit easier for all of us. Thanks in advance. 

Nice weekend to all of you!  

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