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Mon Mar 11 07:04:23 EST 1996

Greetings, Amorim! 

	Requests like yours for basic research are better filled when they 
are not urgent and when you can get to a good library or do a literature 
search using DIALOG or other similar services.  However, we have set up an 
area at our Home Page for gaining access to (hopefully) some key 
references in coral health research.  In your particular instance, I would 
suggest going to our Literature Abstracts area at: 

choose "Indexed by Senior Author", and search for the work of Dr. James 
Porter, and colleagues.  In your particular case, I would think two good 
starting references would be:  

"Detecting Change in Coral Reef Communities: A Comparison of Survey 
Methods" (Meier, O. W. and J. W. Porter, 1991) 


"Species Profiles: Life Histories and Environmental Requirements of 
Coastal Fishes and Invertebrates (South Florida). Reef-building corals."  
(Porter, J. W, 1987).  

See the Page for complete journal citation. 

I realize the Literature Abstracts area is not up to date (1994, 95, 96  
missing), but such are the problems with reduced funding for a project. 

Hope this helps... 

	Sincerely yours, 

	Jim Hendee 

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On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, AMORIM wrote: 

> Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 10:40:02 gmt+0200 
> From: AMORIM <AMORIM at> 
> To: coral-list at 
> Subject: diversity indexes 
> Dear all, 
> I'm doing a research work on comparing coral reef fishes in two  
> areas, using a video camera. 
> What I need to know, urgently, is how to compare, statisticly,  
> diversity indexes to see if they are significant. 
> Are there any scientific papers on similar studies? 
> I would appreciate it if you would help me. Thanks! 
> Sorry for any duplication! 
> -- 
> amorim 

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