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Richard B. Aronson raronson at jaguar1.usouthal.edu
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This reference will answer your questions about video transect methods: 

Aronson, R.B. et al.  1994.  Large-scale, long-term monitoring of  
Caribbean coral reefs: simple, quick, inexpensive techniques.  Atoll  
Research Bulletin 421:1-19. 

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On Mon, 11 Mar 1996, AMORIM wrote: 

> Dear all, 
> I'm doing a research work on comparing coral reef fishes in two  
> areas, using a video camera. 
> What I need to know, urgently, is how to compare, statisticly,  
> diversity indexes to see if they are significant. 
> Are there any scientific papers on similar studies? 
> I would appreciate it if you would help me. Thanks! 
> Sorry for any duplication! 
> -- 
> amorim 

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