Fishing effects on coral

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On March 8, William Moreno Caycedo requested information on the effects  
of fishing or overfishing on corals (see below).  Although this important  
impact has been overlooked and underestimated by many, some particularly  
good work on this has been published by McClanahan etal on Kenyan coral  
reefs.  Their work was made possible by the existance of "marine no-take  
reserves", areas closed to fishing, that enabled comparisons between  
fished and unfished areas.  Their work suggests that, at least in Kenya,  
the impacts of overfishing/fishing on corals may be more important and  
severe than even widely recognized problems, such as those associated  
with eutrophication and sedimentation. 

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To anybody 

Does anybody knows anything about the effects to  coral by fishing (or  
overfishing)  in a particular area of the world.   
At the moment I'm trying to study this problem but at this University  
(Canterbury U.K) there is not much information.  I would be most grateful  

if someone could tell me where I can obtain this kind of info. 


William Moreno 

Durrel Intitute of Conservation and Biology 
wm1 at 

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