Fishing effects on coral

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Dear Jack, 

	For impacts of fishing on coral reefs, see also:  Grigg, R.W.   
1994.  Effects of sewage, fishing pressure and habitat complexity on  
coral ecosystems and reef fishes in Hawaii.  Mar. Ecol. Prog. Series  
					Richard Grigg 

On 13 Mar 1996, Jack, Sobel wrote: 

> On March 8, William Moreno Caycedo requested information on the effects  
> of fishing or overfishing on corals (see below).  Although this important  
> impact has been overlooked and underestimated by many, some particularly  
> good work on this has been published by McClanahan etal on Kenyan coral  
> reefs.  Their work was made possible by the existance of "marine no-take  
> reserves", areas closed to fishing, that enabled comparisons between  
> fished and unfished areas.  Their work suggests that, at least in Kenya,  
> the impacts of overfishing/fishing on corals may be more important and  
> severe than even widely recognized problems, such as those associated  
> with eutrophication and sedimentation. 
> Jack Sobel, Ecosystem Scientist 
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> Subject: Fishing and its effect on coral 
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> To anybody 
> Does anybody knows anything about the effects to  coral by fishing (or  
> overfishing)  in a particular area of the world.   
> At the moment I'm trying to study this problem but at this University  
> (Canterbury U.K) there is not much information.  I would be most grateful  
> if someone could tell me where I can obtain this kind of info. 
> Thanks 
> William Moreno 
> Durrel Intitute of Conservation and Biology 
> wm1 at 

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