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Mike Marshall marshall at
Thu Mar 14 15:43:07 EST 1996

To all - 

I am traveling to Nicaragua next week to continue work on estuarine 
and coral reef surveys within the Miskito Coast Reserve...a new 
protected area on the northeast coast of Nicaragua.  We are 
collecting materials to establish a research library for the 
biologists who are charged with monitoring fisheries (shrimp, 
lobsters, groupers, snappers, snook, etc.) and environmental 
conditions (water quality, mangrove biology, seagrass ecology, coral 
monitoring,etc.) within the Reserve.  

If you have any extra literature (books, reprints, reports), on 
monitoring and research appropriate for this area, that you would 
like to donate to this effort please mail them to me at Mote Marine 
Lab.  I will be traveling there on a regular schedule for the next 
several months.  

The northeast coast of Nicaragua, within the bounds of the MCR, has  
several very large and pristine estuaries, many small to large  
rivers, and many miles of completely undeveloped beaches.  The  
Miskito Cays area is characterized by vast beds of seagrass and a  
complex reef ecosystem.  Thus any papers on topics related to  
tropical estuaries, seagrass communities, and reefs would be most  

Thank you. 

Best regards, 

Mike Marshall 

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