Debt-for-Nature Swap

Erika Haendel esh8 at
Sun Mar 17 12:48:10 EST 1996

To All Interested Parties: 
  I posted a note on the coral list several weeks ago concerning my  
senior thesis - "Using Debt-for-Nature Swaps as a Means to Protect  
Endangered Coral Reefs."  I am currently working on the final part of my  
thesis which involves making recommendations for future debt-for-nature  
swaps which will protect endangered coral reefs.  Unfortunately, it has  
been very difficult to find current information on threatened reefs.  I  
have been using "Coral Reefs of the World Vol. 1-3," however, this was  
published in 1988 and I am concerned that this information may be out of  
date..... My question is, is the information on Disturbances and  
Deficiencies out of date?  How much do these kinds of threats to coral  
reefs change over time?  Would it be valid for me to use this data in my  
  Furthermore, I am presently seeking information on human threats  
(sedimentation, land development, muro-ami fishing, etc.) to reefs  
contained within the borders of these countries: 
Egypt, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Tanzania, Thailand,  
Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama and  
Venezuela.  If anybody is working in any of these nations, or has worked  
in these nations and could describe the conditions of some of the reefs,  
as well as current human threats to these reefs, I would greatly  
appreciate your assistance.  Also, if you know of any areas that should  
be given funding for coral reef protection (existing marine parks, "paper  
parks," or any other areas with threatened coral reefs) that would be  
very helpful as well. 

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance, 
Erika Haendel 
esh8 at 

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