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Wed Mar 20 08:35:02 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues, 

My name is Michael Schultz.  I am currently employed as a graduate 
researcher in the Department of Oceanography at Florida State University 
under the direction of Dr. William C. Burnett.  I will complete the 
requirements for the degree M. S. Geochemical Oceanography in the coming 
summer and actively seeking  new opportunities.  I am happily married with 
a wonderful wife and a beautiful almost three year old daughter. 

My area of research has centered on the behavior of natural decay-series 
(geochronology of marine phosphorites and carbonates) and authagenic 
radionuclides (actinide fractionation in marine sediments and soils) in the 
environment.  I have a strong  background in alpha- and gamma-spectroscopy, 
with experience in the latest instrumentation and alpha- and gamma-spec 
analysis software and also the latest radiochemical separations techniques 
by extraction chromatographic methods and field experience in sample 
collection.  I have an excellent background in the preparation of effective 
oral presentations for national meetings and conferences and outstanding 
writing abilities. 

I am interested in a postion which will utilize and expand upon the 
experience and expertise (including  both research oriented and nonresearch 
positions in environmental sciences)  which I have gained thus far in my 
career.  Please see; 

for more information including links to abstracts of presentations and 

I would appreciate any comments, suggestions and advice.  I would be very 
pleased to send a copy of a current CV along with excellent references to 
interested parties. 

Please respond directly (mschultz at 

Thank you. 


Michael Schultz 

Mike Schultz 
Graduate Researcher 
Department of Oceanography 
Florida State University 
Tallahassee, FL 32306-3048 
mschultz at 

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