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Wed Mar 20 12:55:54 EST 1996

With apologies to John McManus at ICLARM, if I am usurping his right to  
reply, and to all those who are already familiar with the following projects.  
 This message is for anyone seeking information on threats to reefs, reef  
management etc. (and there have been several queries in recent weeks). 

The IUCN/UNEP volumes 'Coral Reefs of the World' 1988/89 remain the only  
detailed global compilation of this type of information.  Some of the detail  
is out of date but, depressingly, the overall picture is still the same and  
probably worse as far as threats are concerned.  There are however many more  
protected areas and conservation projects. 

For information on more recent work, the first place to contact is ICLARM in  
Manila in the Philippines where a computerised database is being established  
that provides the same type of information but on a larger-scale and with  
time-series data - John McManus is running the project (J.MCMANUS at CGNET.COM).  
 If you want information on mapping of reefs you should contact Mark Spalding  
at the World Conservation Monitoring Centre (mark.spalding at 

You can find further information on these projects in Reef Encounter, the  
newsletter of the International Society for Reef Studies. 

Sue Wells 
Cambridge, UK 
(sue.wells at 

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