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Another source of information regarding reef status has come from efforts of 
the International Coral Reef Initiative.  Documents presented at the 
Philippines-hosted International Coral Reef Initiative Workshop in June 1995 
provided a concise comprehensive global summary of coral reef status. The 
State of the Reefs and six regional status documents (Tropical Americas, South 
Asia, Western Indian Ocean, East Asia, Pacific and Middle East) began this 
process of evaluating the environments, the major threats and opportunities 
for improved management.  These reports should build on the excellent 
foundation established by Sue Wells'  volume,  'Coral Reefs of the World'.  
>From June 1995 through February 1996, regional meetings have continued this 
process, often revising or discussing revisions needed in the regional status 
documents.  Further revision of these regional reports will be presented at 
the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium in Panama in a session to be 
chaired by Drs. Bernard Salvat and Clive Wilkinson. 

These State of the Reefs report and regional documents should be available 
from the ICRI Secretariat at: 
International Coral Reef Initiative 
US Department of State-Room 4325, 
2201 C St NW, Washington, DC  20520 
e-mail: pthomas at 
Phone: 1-202-647-0658 
Fax: 1-202-647-5247 

While there is not a formal ICRI web site yet, ICRI information is available 
through the CHAMP web site ( 

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