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Some of the papers on the dieoff and subsequent effects are: 

Carpenter, R. C. (1985). "Sea urchin mass-mortality: effects on reef algal 
abundance, species  composition, and metabolism and other coral 
reefherbivores. Abstract." Proceedings of the Fifth International Coral Reef 
Congress, Tahiti 4: 53. 
Carpenter, R. C. (1988). "Mass mortality of a Caribbean sea urchin: immediate 
effects on community  metabolism and other herbivores." Proceedings of the 
National Academy of Sciences of the United States of  America 85: 511-514. 
Carpenter, R. C. (1990). "Mass mortality of Diadema antillarum II. Effects on 
population  densities and grazing intensity of parrotfishes and 
surgeonfishes." Marine Biology 104: 79-86. 
Carpenter, R. C. (1990). "Mass mortality of Diadema antillarum  I. Long-term 
effects on sea  urchin population-dynamics and coral reef algal communities." 
Marine Biology 104: 67-77. 
Liddell, W. D. and S. L. Ohlhorst (1986). "Changes in benthic community 
composition following the mass mortality of Diadema at Jamaica." Journal of 
Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 95(3): 271-278. 
Lessios, H. A., P. W. Glynn, et al. (1983). "Mass mortalities of coral reef 
organisms." Science 222: 715. 

Date: 3/20/96 6:16 PM 
To: Mark Eakin 
From: Patterson, Matt E 

I am in the process of compiling information about the dieoff events of 
Diadema antillarum in the Florida Keys as well as 
the rest of the Caribbean.  I am interested in both information about the 
mid-eighties dieoff as well as any information on 
more recent events (Forcucci,1994).  Any advice or information would be 
greatly appreciated. 

Matt Patterson 
Florida Marine Research Institute 
Coral Reef Research Team 
e-mail: Patterson_m at harpo.dep.state.fl.us 

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